Community Foundation Donations Since 1989, over $46 million has been raised by the Windermere Foundation in support of non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the community. We are proud to announce that over the course of 2021, the Windermere Foundation in Northern Colorado raised $10,000 in support of @childsafecoloradoinc and another $5,000 in support of @weldre4! Thank you to […]
Community Marshall Fire’s Impact on Coloradoans Our heart goes out to all of the people impacted by the Marshall Fire in Boulder County. If you would like to give your support, we have set up a special fund through the Windermere Foundation where we will match any donation you make up to $5000. You can make that donation HERE. This devastating event […]
Community Buying With your Pets in Mind! Image source: Canva   For many of us, pets play a central role in our home life, so taking into account what is best for them when buying a home is important for both their happiness and that of your entire household.   Your neighborhood   When looking for homes that are well suited to […]
Community Holiday Home Security The holiday season can bring joy and peace, but it can also bring package thieves and burglary. Stay safe this winter by taking a few precautions with your home security. From old-school security tricks to new digital home monitoring tools, there are many options when it comes to keeping our homes safe and preserving that […]
Community Windermere Foundation Has Raised Over $1.5 Million This Year! Windermere Foundation Has Raised Over $1.5 Million This Year!   Windermere offices throughout the Western U.S. have been busy raising money and making donations to non-profit organizations in their local communities that provide services to low-income and homeless families. And their efforts are paying off; so far this year we’ve raised over $1.5 million, bringing […]
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