Market Data April 6, 2022

Average Home Prices along CO Front Range

Average prices in Metro Denver just exceeded $700,000 in Metro Denver.  Larimer County isn’t far behind.

For the month of March, the average residential sales price in the 5-county Metro Area was $704,000.  This does not include Boulder County.

Larimer County was $691,000 and we expect to see an average exceeding $700,000 in the very near future.

It’s also interesting to note the average price for properties currently listed for sale and not sold yet.  In Larimer County it is $848,000 and in Metro Denver it is $1,100,000.

You might be asking, why have prices appreciated to this level?  Quite simply, supply and demand.

The Front Range has a healthy, growing economy plus an incredibly high quality of life.  Meanwhile, standing inventory is low which results in upward pressure on prices.