Market Data April 14, 2021

The percentage of homes selling at or above list price


What percent of properties are selling for list price or more!?!

Take a guess.  Of the properties that have sold so far in April, how many of them sold for at least list price?

Meaning, how many of them had a final sales price that was equal to or above the asking price?

The answer…

88% for properties in Larimer County and 86% for properties in Weld County.

We have been tracking this statistic for many years and this is a new record high.

Here’s something else that is interesting…

Not only do the number of properties selling for over asking price exceed the number selling under asking price, they also exceed those selling at list price.

There are roughly double the amount of properties selling for more than asking as compared to the number selling at asking price.

This is all a result of the low inventory, high demand market that we are experiencing.

We are using all of our researching, offer writing and negotiating skills right now to help our clients win in this highly competitive market.